Friday, December 18, 2015

It's snowing in Washington

This is what Sister Ann wrote about December 12th

We woke to a winter wonderland this morning.  Time for hot chocolate as we plan for next week’s training meeting.  Elder Archibald has joined Elder Carter and Elder Krogue today–on his last day in the mission.  We have a departing group traveling to the mission home this afternoon for their final dinner, then departure in the morning.  Maybe they will all be snowed in so we can keep them another 6 months!  (That won’t happen, but I can only wish for it!)

2015 Christmas Party

Monday, December 14, 2015

The Dalles Stake Conference--Dec 12--the final days

Elder LaFond and I have been working well together. This week we handed off all of our investigators to the other elders in preparation for the "transfer." So at this point we are strictly finding new investigators and saying goodbye to all of the amazing people of The Dalles. Thursday evening as we were returning to our apartment we were about to walk up the steps to our door and there was a lady across the street. I look over at Elder LaFond and we just say. Yep lets go get her. It's so much fun to meet random people and then get to know them in such a different way. More personal way actually. Turns our her name is Kelly and that she would love to have us back. She has a bunch of mormon friends and at that moment in her life is looking for some direction. We gave her our information and then went our ways. That evening we could have walked right by but we felt the need to talk to her. I know that God works within peoples lives through many different ways. Through friends, family, acquantances, or strangers he will always place someone in our path that will bless us. I can say that he has done that for me. All the companions and many different ward leaders I've been blessed to work with have shaped and molded who I have become. But I can say that the changes wrought within my life are a natural result of living the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Through faith, repentance, service, sacrifice, obedience and many more. Jesus Christs' teachings are the source of everything I am. I know that He lives and he loves all of us. He stands waiting for us to come unto him. I know this church is true, it holds the answers to the questions that we all have. The gospel has been restored in its fullness and is blessing millions of lives. I love this work! 


E. Archibald

This is JJ's cousin treasure. JJ and LaVaughnda are taking out their endowments on saturday and the program is done by nothing but members. What I mean by that is that after JJ and LaVaughnda were baptized their mother, father,  and cousin were baptized. It's truly the work of the Lord out here. The gospel is true!

Gary was baptized this last saturday. He has such strong faith! After meeting with the missionaires for about a month he desires to be sealed to his wife in the temple in a year. He was baptized by Elder LaFond and it was such a special day.

The Spanish Elders moved into a new apartment and we ended up helping out. Gotta be a good life!