Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Lynn and being parched

Hey family!

This week has been incredible! Everything is going great except for
the heat. It's weird that August is the hottest month out here. It
seems like it's usually when everything starts transitioning into
winter back home. That is Wyoming though. But luckily I'm getting used
to the weather, besides that is what gets people to interact
with us. Sometimes we have to be more sly about it to test their good
nature. We use the "we have been walking for a while and are parched.
Could we get a drink?" That works almost every time. And as we do so
we constantly are having 30-45 min lessons with each person. This
method works!

The first door we knock on in this  apartment complex let us right in.
Lynn is her name and she is an old school teacher from Alabama.
So she pretty much taught us how in
today's world a lot of things are wrong with the way it is run. We get
that a lot. We just smile and teach what we know. While we were
teaching her the Restoration we found something. I was making myself
comfortable and by doing so I sat on a book, I pulled it out and handed
it to my companion not looking away from Lynn. He picks it up and asks
her why she has an our Heritage book produced by the church. Lynn is
prepared and it's incredible! Her son is a member and she has been
kind of curious about the whole organization of the church. We left
her with a Book of Mormon and a commitment to read but she said that
we left too little of an assignment. So we ended up just saying that
if she reads the chapter she can start from the beginning and read as
much as she would like. That's not it though, she then wanted to make a
contribution toward the church. Another person wanting to give me
money for the church! That is awesome.

The work is amazing and the Lord is so good.
I've recently found a lot of strength knowing that
through my Savior Jesus Christ I can really find the answers and
strength I need to really progress the way my Father in Heaven would
like. It's amazing to know of the love and patience He has for me
and the rest of His children as we do what we  can and
we can know of the gospel's truthfulness found in the church of
Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

I love my family and I miss you
E. Archibald

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Beth Hellsinger

Hey family!
This last week has been great! Elder Kelly and I are getting a lot better at being unified and it definitely shows. He stumbles I pick back up. I stumble he picks me up. And sometimes when that doesn't happen it's kinda funny haha. 
But the highlight of the week is centered around Beth Hellsinger. She is the mother of two investigators that we have and at first she had no interest at all. So we shrugged that off and continued to teach her sons. But as we did so she began to be interested. We didn't know this until this last week when we dropped by unexpectedly with a random fellow shipper that happened to relate very well with them. Beth expressed that she has these thoughts that she needs to read the Book of Mormon but didn't know why and it kept on coming back. It's been incredible to see how God has slowly prepared her to make these commitments and steps to draw closer to her Heavenly Father. She knows that by reading and praying it does exactly that. I know that because the Spirit was so thick in that room we were swimming in it! 
This really shows me that everything really does happen for a reason. Just look back in time to an event in your life that altered your plans for that day or that summer. I look back to when I broke my arm. I am here on my mission because I broke my arm. When I see my scars I see the step that God had me go through to be here in this place now. 
It reminds me of the story of the man and the bush. When the the man is the gardener and he cuts down the bush because the gardener knows that the bush needs to be. The bush is very unhappy at first but thanks him later because it was what was best for the bush in the end. As Latter Day Saints we are able to see much wider than just a peep hole of our existence. We understand our purpose and plan that God has for us. So all we can do when bad things happen is know that God has a much larger plan for us. 
Lean not unto thine own understanding, in all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy paths. Proverbs 3:5 
He always provides if we are doing our best.
-Elder Archibald

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Lily and Eliouse

Hey family! 
This last week has been pretty amazing. Elder Kelly and I are continually teaching and trying to find time for some letter writing haha. Work is going great! It sounds like the missionary work back home is going great also! 
This first picture is with our investigator Lily. She is Chinese and can cook some bomb food! As for the teaching she has really progressed. A while back she prayed to ask if God could help her with interpreting and understanding. A month later she could understand 1 Nephi 8. Lily is set to be baptized on August 30th. 
The second picture is of last weeks baptism and it was amazing! The first in the ward for two years. Kinda crazy. Everything in the baptism worked out perfectly and I was actually asked to be a spotter because she felt more comfortable with me in there. The one thing that stuck out to me while we were teaching Eliouse was that when we put her on date for baptism we promised her that her sick sister that was in the hospital would be there. And she actually made it. Everything lined up perfectly and it ended up being the best baptism that the mission presidency has seen in the mission. 
The last picture is of the hike that we went on today. It was up to the top of Beacon Rock. It was pretty sweet! You could see the entire gorge. It was pretty fun but the humidity and sun was pretty hot. But so far I am loving Vancouver. Not a big fan of Portland but Vancouver makes up for it. The weather here is amazing even though it rains almost everyday from fall to spring. 
I have learned so much this last transfer! The people we meet and are bringing closer to Christ and his teachings. It's amazing to have the opportunity to help others and bring them through the trials and tribulations that they have. We wouldn't be able to do this without Heavenly Father's help! It's an awesome feeling to know that God has our back as long as we are doing what's right. 
Love you!
E. Archibald