Sunday, March 29, 2015

Chandler Creedon, My Kindness, Portland Temple, Flynn family

Dear family,
Almost a year ago Elder Kelly and I were just companions and getting
used to one another. The adjustment thing is a real thing when you get
a new companion. It's hectic for the first few weeks. But anyways, the
first day in in the new area with elder Kelly we finally get ahold of
Chandler Creedon. The girl in the picture below. I wasn't able to
actually teach her the first discussion but I was able to teach her
everything else. It was awesome to get to know her and see her
progress. Her original date was for June 25th 2014. Almost a year
later she is finally baptized. I didn't know if it would ever happen
even though she wanted to be baptized ever since the first discussion.
She was held back by her parents until she turned 18. They still
weren't supportive of it but she decided to do it anyway. It was an
amazing baptismal service and was By far the best that I have attended
since being on my mission.

than the rest. I saw her from the beginning until now and it was
amazing. She also asked me to sing at her baptism. I actually sang My
Kindness Shall Not Depart From Thee. It went really well. When the
person being baptized is changing the missionaries get up and they
share the restoration with the people watching the baptism. I followed
after the restoration when she returned and it was incredible. Roger
and I probably were singing at the same time. I received a few
compliments afterwards and it worked out pretty well. Except for the
beginning. Ugh I don't know if I was nervous or the piano was just too
slow. It was a little sluggish at the beginning. I guess that's what I
get for getting a last second accompanist. It worked out well though.

This week has been pretty awesome. We were able to go to the temple on
Wednesday. It's always good to go and feel the spirit that is present
within the temple as we are labor intensive for others and looking for
revelation. The peace and comfort that is present is irreplaceable and
very well missed. That visit to the temple really helped with the
district meeting that we had right after. I had a strong impression
that the district needed a training on testifying often when in
teaching situations. I used a quote from Brigham young about how the
uneducated man testified of his belief in the Book of Mormon and the
prophet Joseph smith. And how even with the lack of eloquence or
brilliance that that simple testimony illuminated his understanding
more that all the doctrine thrown at him all at once. I know that that
is true. I've seen the miracles that come when we do so on the streets
and in people's homes. It's incredible how it really helps people to
understand a LITTLE of the power behind the message we share.

Right now we are working with Yin Oberg and Shaylah Diaz. Both on date
for baptism and looking good so far. There are always obstacles to
goals that we set so we are working past those right now. But it's
incredible to see when they catch hold of a little bit of truth they
receive and run with it. That's when everything starts to click.
Shaylah wanted to be baptized this next weekend but she didn't know
she would have to be married first and live the word of wisdom.

This last Sunday we went out with Brother Claycomb, a member from our
ward. We went over to the Flynn family which is a part member family.
We prayed right before hand that we would be presented with an
opportunity to teach and we did. After all the kid chairs I put
together and helped them with some kid furniture we got onto the topic
of church and how long it was since she had attended. Long story short
we ended up teaching her a lot about how the gospel blesses her family
and that God is continually watching over us, always looking for ways
to bless us but that we are holding him back from that. It ended up
being a great meeting and we are planning on seeing them later this

Things are great in Portland! The work is amazing! Thanks for everything!
E. Archibald
Probably because it was more  sentimental