Friday, July 31, 2015

Sue Lowe's letter to Jill Stirland

My mom's friend, Jill Stirland, wrote to me on mymission and this was a letter from Sue Lowe who the we lived with for a time until her husband passed away and we were moved to the bishop's house.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Theresa and amazing work


Things have been going great! The Lord has definitely blessed me in the callings that i have been assigned to. It's been an incredible journey that seemed to only last a few months if that. I'm on my final stretch, from what people tell us. Elder Smith and I have been out the same amount of time and so it is cool to work together with another decently old missionary. Things are going really good.

Family reunions are always fun. I wasn't actually able to see the video. We aren't able to go onto Facebook anymore haha. which is probably a good thing. I can't wait to see it! 

Still doing the family reunions? That is the best! I don't know if you are still having to take the initiative but keep it up. Those little get together s are so much fun. Well keep up the good work in being super man! You work miracles dad I love ya!

This week has been pretty amazing. We were able to go out and proselyte every night in our own area and also on exchanges in areas around Yakima. We actually were able to serve in Moses Lake. Sadly we didn't meet anyone that knew grandpa Archibald but one day there will be. What was his profession? I may have forgot or never knew in the first place. but the exchange with the Zone Leaders was great. They had interviews with the president for a few hours and so we weren't able to start until about 7 o'clock. So right away we jetted off to the su casa mi casa ( a little Mexican restaurant that makes amazing horchata). We were starting our night off right with some quick Mexican food. It wasn't so quick. Surprisingly enough we had people approach us as they walked up to the restaurant and struck up some conversation. During dinner we were able to teach 2 people and help to to increase their faith in Christ and also to understand really where we come from. The reason people persecute or disagree is because they don't understand the full picture.

Many of the exchanges we went on this week were great just as the last one described. Like mentioned previously we were able to work in our area and find some success. We were able to go and see a lady named Theresa for the first time and it went great. Right when we knocked on the door she opened it and let us in she seemed really excited to see us. Even though her kids didn't show themselves the whole time we were there they were cute. They were on lookout until we got there. At the conclusion of the lesson Theresa and her sister Maria committed to be baptized on Aug 15th. It truly is a miracle. Elder Smith and I haven't had much time to work in our area at all and setting the example for the mission is difficult when we are busy with administrative work. It goes to show if you sacrifice the things that you love for something the lord has asked you to do. The blessings will follow as you press forward with faith. I know that is true.

I had some questions about your mission. 
What was it like? Who was your favorite companion? Were you a district or zone leader? Ever run over a cat with you bike? What is one pivotal moment that changed your mission as you served?

Thanks for everything! 
E. Archibald

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sister Lewis--the Right Hand Men


 This was an email I received from Sister Ann Lewis, wife of the Mission President.

(It appears that Elder Archibald and Elder Smith don't go hungry.)


Assistants to the President–

Elders Smith & Archibald

These Elders have become our right hand men.  Every Mission President has 2 Assistants who, in addition to keeping up with the work in their area, help with the day-to-day logistics of running a mission.  District Leaders report to Zone Leaders, who report to the Assistants, who report to the Mission President.  They help with schedules and meetings and transfers and everything in between.
Elder Smith is from southern California and Elder Archibald is from Wyoming.  We already feel like we’ve known them for months–we went to bed last night marveling that our best friends are two young men we met just a week ago!  This is so fun.  I feel like my family has enlarged one hundred fold in the last week or so.  They call me the “Mission Mom.”  It feels like it.  John and I love these boys and all the others who surround us here.  Thanks to you who are parents, who have sent us your very best.  We will love them and will take good care of them.

Admin work, Naches Street, Roxanne, little miracles

Hey Mom!

Seems like there are always things that keep you and the family busy down there! It is the same up here believe it or not. It's been pretty crazy as we are finalizing everything and then working into transfers again. But everything was even better when I was able to get a box with some goods in it from you and also Travis and the fam. It has been so long since I've seen all of you! its crazy! And let everyone know I'm sorry that me writing back is so inconsistant and brief at times. Mondays are probably the busiest days of our week. Anyways, the pants did fit and fit well. I am actually wearing them as I type. VERY NICE! Very thoughtful present with the dog treats. That will come in handy.

Right now we are serving in the Yakima 3rd ward. We are so excited to start working in the area more as the administrative work dies down a little. the funny thing is is that we have a very diverse area in terms of people and life styles. My favorite street right now is probably Naches street. It has alot of interesting people down there but there are the humble ones that we are really looking for. We seem to always find the most passionate and loving people down in those areas and it is really amazing to hear their stories of faith. We talked with this black lady this last week, sorry i can't remember her name. She was so passionate about her belief in Jesus christ and how her trials and struggles that she faced were the one thing that really brought her to Christ. This whole time and she was sharing her "story" you could see she was very passionate about it. I love It! I just love those kind of people. That is the way JJ and LaVaughnda were back in vancouver and it continues to be true. The african americans win my vote on the most passionate and heartfelt people. I love talking with them!

About two days ago Elder Smith and I went and contacted a referral we received from some other missionaries for a lady named Roxanne. When we arrive we hear some voices from the other side of the door and they are speaking spanish. Luckily Elder Smith is a spanish missionary. But sure enough after we conversed with her for some time she spoke really good english. After making it into her house we got to know her and her 8 children, 6 of which were there. She is a mother of 8 and is looking for a church but hasn't really found one. We began to share our message and also talk about what we do. She loaded us with question after question and as we answered her interest began to rise. As we closed the meeting, because we had to go, we testified of the truths that we had taught and the spirit filled the room. We soon closed with a prayer and she asked us when we were coming back. 

Little miracles like that really happen all the time. In our eyes such a small group of words makes our whole time walking in the sun and knocking doors worth every minute. To see someone come to grasp a little of what we share and ask for more is incredible. I enjoy every minute that i spend out here serving the Lord. He has our best interest and is always looking for the next thing that will move us along in the life we live. I know that by the small miracles that occur within our lives we will come to recognize the power and love of god for his children here on earth. Such a large and magnificent truth can be wrought by a simple action. "Witness." Alma 37:6 ".... by small and simple things are great things brought to pass.."

I love you all! Have a great Week!

E. Archibald