Monday, November 30, 2015

Twyla, Terry and goodbye to Ray.

(From Ann's blog) What a treat we had this morning.  We got to sit with an angel friend, Twyla, who won’t be here too much longer.  Her dear friend and care giver is being taught by the APs and wanted to go to church for her first time this morning.  We went over to sit with Twyla for a few hours so that could happen.  It was like being with an angel.  We loved every moment with her.  Ann

 Hey Mom!

This past week has been incredible! It's been eventful, miraculous and many other things. Let's just say Elder Carter and I have been trying to be master planners and we may have mastered it this week. Just kidding. We have so much to learn. 

We were able to plan for the upcoming 6 weeks and it was kind of weird. Everything that was happening was happening after I get transferred into the land of eternal p-days. Other than that It's been so great!

On Tuesday this week we met Terry Smith. A 60 year old lady that has been taking care of a member named Twila Shuler. Twila has been diagnosed with cancer and has been bed ridden. Terry currently lives in Montana but came down to Yakima so that she would be able to take care of Twila. Terry is married to a less active member of the church and has actually had the missionaries over in the past but never had the chance to accept the gospel. As she has been here taking care of Twila she was reintroduced to this glorious gospel message as the member Twila clings to what she believes at this specific time. After the course of a couple months Twila, the member, says that she will stay alive until Terry accepts the gospel. Shortly after, we were invited over to teach her. As we got to know her we couldn't help but notice how prepared she was. She had been waiting for her husband to become active and take her back to church but she can't wait any longer. We obviously invited her to be baptized and then set the date for December 12th. So for the next couple of weeks leading up to that point are the busiest weeks of our lives. Well of the lives of the new Assistants haha. It will all work out though. 

Just a Quick update on this week! Sorry We have to get running. I will email next week! have a great week! The picture below is of Ray and I when we said goodbye today. He is the man! It's sad to leave!

E. Archibald

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving Eve Post from Ann's blog

We’ve spent much of the day doing “Transfer Planning” or figuring out where everyone needs to go when the next group arrives on December 1st.  We actually have 2 transfer days in December, one on the 1st and one on the 18th for those who need to be home for the beginning of winter semester.
So we are spending hours staring at the transfer board, seeking inspiration and combinations and places that will be best for each missionary.  It’s like playing chess frontwards and backwards and side to side with a dozen variables with each piece!  Pretty fun but not very easy.
In between these meetings, we went to a lesson with the APs, to the office, picked up a batch of Christmas pass along cards from the printers, and I made a couple of pots of soup and President and Elder Carter made some pecan bars for tonight.   2015-11-25 Thanksgiving Eve (3).JPG 2015-11-25 Thanksgiving Eve (4).JPG
(Ann's blog) A couple of weeks ago at church I noticed that no one was signing up to feed the missionaries in that ward on the night before Thanksgiving, so I grabbed that dinner appointment, thinking I could easily give a mom a break on that evening.  Then I thought there might be others who don’t have a dinner appointment for tonight, we invited any over who might need a place to go.  Tonight we had some of these local missionaries drop by for soup and treats after their evening work was completed.  It was fun. Here are a few photos from our holiday evening:

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

P-days, FACTS

(From Ann's blog)
Mondays in the Mission are Preparation Days.  Top priority on P-Days is sending emails home to loved ones.  Today the local library computer system was down, so we had a steady stream of missionaries coming into the Mission Office to use the computers here.  We have access to the employment services computers in the rooms next door.
Missionaries also send a letter to President Lewis every single week.  (It takes him about 2 days to read them all, which can be tricky if we are on the road or having a busy week) (usually the case).
In their private letters to the President, they usually report on the FACTS.
F = Family
A= their Area
C= their Companion and how they are getting along
T= their Testimony and how it’s growing
S= any Spiritual experiences they’ve had during the week.
Every now and again, with permission, President Lewis will share a story or experience with me.  I love these highlights.  When the missionaries go home, they get a CD with every letter they’ve written to the President on it to keep for themselves.  We hope it will be a nice collection of their experiences, their growth and their testimonies.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Jawana Homer and Thanksgiving

Hello! My name is Jawana Homer and I'm feeding your boys on thanksgiving! They're pretty cool kids, so I don't mind taking the time to fill them up! I thought it'd be nice if I had a favorite recipe of theirs from back home to make it a little more "special". I haven't even completely come up with a menu other than "meat and pie"(which I doubt there would be any complaints, lol), so this will help streamline my thinking. Thanks in advance!
Sister Archibald, this link is for you. Elder Archibald...enjoyed this dish quite a bit more than I expected, talked about it for days, and then asked that I be sure to send it to you 😁 So here it is!

Elder Crosland from Kemmerer

Hey Mom! 

This picture that I attached is of Elder Marshall Crosland. The Picture is of the Plata family. The boy in the photo is Steven Plata. His young family moved into our ward about a month ago and we were able to go see them this past week. They are absolutely incredible! They are missionary minded and ready to share the gospel. As we got to know them a little bit I told them I was from a small town in Wyoming. We continued to talk and then he just randomly asked, "do you know a Marshall Crosland?" I quickly asked how he knew Marshall and they told me the whole story. Steven and Amy, his wife, had recently moved into an apartment and weren't married at the time. One day they got into an argument and Steven walked outside to grab something from his car and Elder Crosland and his companion stopped him and talked. Steven invited them back and the rest is history.

Steven and Amy said that he wasn't able to be there when they ended up being baptized but they wanted to reach out and let him know of the miracles that have happened in their lives because of his efforts. They have a amazing family of 5. Two boys and a girl and they are incredible. We are going over this week and will continue to go over to teach the extended family living here in town. That is one of many miracles that have happened this week. This family is going to be a huge blessing to our ward. We received a referral for a family of 6 that live here in the ward and before that Platas came in we had very little young families. We can't wait for these upcoming weeks of continual miracles and blessings that the Lord will bless these people with. 

Just a quick note for the Crosland family if you could forward it to them somehow.
E. Archibald 

I sent this to Jan Crosland and she responded with this.  
"There is a guiding hand above all things.  Often when things happen, it's not by accident.  One day, when we look back at the seeming coincidences of our lives, we will realize that perhaps they weren't so coincidental after all"  Thomas S Monson  The Lord knows your trials.  He knows your victories.  And if you will "trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understand (but) in all thy ways acknowledge him...he shall direct thy paths."