Friday, May 15, 2015

Mother's Day appointment

Hey mom! Sorry I wasn't able to write to you individually this week. Dad and Michael got one so you should be able to hear from them. I've got a lot of things to share with you we will just have to share them next Sunday when we skype. I will be available at 4 pm my time. I believe that is 3 your time but I'm not sure. Things are going great. The transfer is finishing up and everything is looking good. I'm going on 16 months soon. Crazy! Well love you. Everyone looks so happy. I'm sorry to hear about Connie dummer. And I'm glad Zach is still looking as young as he used to. It's going to be great to see them with a new baby. I'm crossing my fingers for a boy! 
Keep these questions in this email in mind as we skype. There is a lot happening! 
Love you! 
E. Archibald

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