Monday, June 15, 2015

Tri-Cities and Kennewick, Wa Assistant to the President

Hey Mom!
The Tri-Cities area is awesome! This past Monday President Taylor called Elder Peterson and me and informed us of an emergency transfer. This last Saturday President and Sister Taylor picked me up and we drove to Kennewick, WA. 
It was a pretty intense drive. I was able to ask them many questions that I had concerning the new mission and just serving at the capacity of an assistant. It was awesome experience to spend some time with them for the last time in a long time. 

The pictures that are attached to the email were taken right before they left and I was off. Right when we got together as a companionship we were so busy. This coming week is transfer week and we had alot of planning to do. We currently are serving with 220 missionaries and are moving alot of missionaries around. This transfer determines who will be serving in the new mission. All the missionaries that I have met so far have been stellar. They all have a great spirit about them and you can tell they are really great at what they do. So far we have been pretty busy in the office but as for now its been really cool to see the difference in the approaches, teaching, and finding methods. Every mission has a different culture and drinking in this one has been pretty awesome. 

Elder Smith is my new companion. He is such a cool guy! Probably the most charitable person I've ever met. We are pretty excited to see where this transfer takes us as we work to open the new Yakima Mission. For now we are currently working with the Kennewick mission President, President Ware. President Ware is such an awesome man as well. You can really see where all the missionaries get their spark as you see President. He has done a great job in getting the mission on the same page and also unify them. I've learned that you can literally learn a large majority of things as you watch even the most tiny things. So for now we are working on setting up the new Yakima Mission office. It will be a great test of my ability to remember how everything was set up back in the Vancouver mission. Its going to be a large learning experience for all of us but we are welcoming it with opens arms. I know that was we continue in faith and rely wholy upon the merits and mercy of our lord and savior jesus christ we will receive the strength to endure every trial and every burden that will ever face us. Burdens and trials are really opportunities for us to grow and we rely on our savior. Every hurdle we jump over brings us that much closer to the end. We just want to make sure we are headed in the right direction. I love all of you! Thanks for everything!

E. Archibald

Random picture of friends of Matthews

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