Monday, February 24, 2014

Everything new

Hey parents,

Hmm well this last week was amazing! Went by so quick! I think that will continue to happen because we are constantly doing things. If we aren't tracting, we teaching a less active and when we aren't doing that we are looking for new gators (investigators). 

This last week I met with a new family from the ward every night for dinner. It crazy how much the members of the ward feed the missionaries. I feel bad ha-ha but it’s really good food so I’m not going to make them stop. I'd say my favorite family right now is the Lindorst family. They remind me of my brothers and family cuz they give me crap because of the dumb things I say ha-ha. I also met this guy named Saeed. One of the smartest dudes I’ve met my entire life. If you were to ask him about any religion and how structurally sound it is he can tell you. He is from the Middle East so he is very committed spiritually to God and the Mormon Church. He told me that our relationship with God should be better than a relationship with our friends or family. He is so right! God has given us literally everything and i think that we forget that-at least I do. 

I really like the area I am in right now. The members are awesome. There is a pro snowboarder, rock star, and magazine delivery guy! Ha-ha the ward is awesome and pretty much everything about my area is also. It rains every day here but I don’t mind. I've always been a rain kind of guy if I were to pick a type of weather ha-ha. 

This last weekend I slayed a nice gator! Ha-ha her name is Aquila and she is so cool! Has two cute kids and works out at Gold's Gym. We have a lot in common. like.... working out haha hopefully I can share that I love working out also and we can show that we as missionaries are human to even though we pretty much have super powers;)   We taught her about the restoration and she is so passionate about religious things and I'm jealous! She was very open to hear our message and accepted a Book of Mormon but as most of you know when exciting things happen I tend to get overly excited and mess up. So in the prayer I set myself up for failure. I was about to bless the family and i couldn't remember their name and then the awkward silence presented itself in the room. Then I heard a sound from the lady and I said 'what?' All in the middle of the prayer i might add. She said it a second time and then I said sorry and continued that prayer haha. Luckily she is very patient with the noob of a missionary. Definitely loving it out here though. Don't want to do anything else besides maybe eating my healthy food from my mommy....

Love ya, 

Elder Archibald 

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