Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Being a Zone Leader

Just to answer the questions you asked. Before I do that I just want to say that I always read your letters. If I didn't get one I would kind of be a little down because it's nice to get an update on everything awesome in the family. 
The holidays make it harder to do missionary work. People are usually open but it gets to cold to teach on doorsteps so that's kind of a downer but people are always receptive to the gospel message but it just depends on how in tune to the spirit you are and how good of a missionary you are. 
Being a zone leader is a lot of fun. We get to have stewardship over a group of missionaries about 16-24 missionaries. We a responsible to follow up with the district leaders so that they are empowering the districts or their people because the district leaders are more involved with the individual missionaries. We also get to go to a meeting which is called MLC which is a meeting for the leadership of the mission where we receive instruction on what our zones need and what to train them on. It's a lot of fun. We do a number of things that really put me out of my comfort zone but it's good because I learn so much. We also go in leadership exchanges with all the missionaries throughout the stake to help them with their work and how to be more efficient. It's an awesome opportunity. I love it. 
And I also love your letters.
Any other questions?
E. Archibald

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