Monday, February 9, 2015

Duran Family & Becoming Consecrated

Hello family! 
This past week has been incredible! Lots of miracles are continuing to happen! Since we are covering two wards we are able to branch out to a lot more proselyting opportunities. We've been finding the most investigators recently, more than we've found in the past couple months. The areas are blowing up with people to teach and we are shrinking on the amount of free time we have. The struggle is real haha. Not really a struggle though it's amazing. 

We are teaching the Duran family and they are doing great. All of them are non-members and so it's really exciting to see them as they keep commitments to read and come to church. Ellie, the mom, is a Seventh Day Adventist and so things are interesting because they are keep the Sabbath on Saturday. She agreed to change it if the church was true. We have been teaching all the kids and her specifically on the atonement because her second youngest daughter has been struggling with depression and we believe that will help. How does a seventeen year old girl have depression? It's crazy how Satan will try to destroy such bright spirits. It's sad to see them do it to themselves as well because of a false ideas such as 'I'm not attractive', or 'I don't have any friends', 'Jesus Christ isn't real', etc. all of these things are false doctrines taught by the adversary. Anything that is negative or that is contrary to the spirit or teachings of Christ are false. Shoutout to my mother! I love the activity that you did with the lap counter. How you counted all of your positive thoughts throughout the day. You said that you could tell the difference because your spirit became more uplifting and positive. That is something that I've been doing a lot throughout my mission. Really striving to have good uplifting thoughts continually to help have a better experience. 

You were wondering about my trip to the doctor this past week or so. Right now we live with two other Elders and they happened to be teaching a man that had tuberculosis. One of the Elders in the apartment brought that up to the mission doctor and he had him go see the doctor. Long story short he ends up testing positive for tuberculosis and we get quarantined until we had a test results back. So we ended up getting a TB test. That was a long two days haha.

This week we have another zone meeting haha. This month has been loaded with meetings but this one is still going to be great. We are hoping to help the zone internalize the doctrine of Christ so that they can not only teach with power but become consecrated themselves.   It's definitely a life-long process but if we can strive to be a consecrated being on the mission we could move mountains. As we were receiving a training from President Taylor about being consecrated I could help but think of My Dad. I can't remember one time where he was selfish and did what he wanted to do. He was always giving up his time and money for his family and I am forever grateful for that. In my eyes my Dad is an example of a consecrated being. Love you dad. Sorry about not writing last week. Hope everything is good at home! 
E. Archibald

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