Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Portland, bikes, Elder Woodward, iPads, sang at baptism

Hey family! 
I'm sorry to hear about Kim, Thomas and the rest of the people involved with the accident! It's hard to believe that that would happen. Hope everyone is doing good! 

This last week has been a little different than I am used to. I just came from an area that covered all of the city of Vancouver and the surrounding towns as well. We had about 2000 miles and so I drove a lot. Now I am in a walking or biking area. It's really fun! It's been a long time since I've been walking for multiple says in the week. I am sad to say that my shoes probably won't make it another 11 months. I've worn the same pair of shoes for the past 13 months haha. They are so close to making it all the way. So in other words I am in no need of shoes. Elder Woodward and I are doing great. He is about 5'2 and is about 18 years old. Really into technology. Specifically computers and other things like mine craft haha. We have been doing great in this area so far. I'm a district leader again and it's going to be great! I get to work with about 6 other missionaries. This transfer I want to focus on developing an attitude that will shape or alter their way of missionary work to a more productive and faithful driven experience. Elder Williams and I in our past area were on to something with the NGI and we started to see some great things! Being in leadership is such a great opportunity to learn about myself and especially about the others that I serve, seeing their strengths and helping them overcome their weaknesses. It's challenging at times to find what trainings to give so that their concerns and needs are met each district meeting but it all comes back to developing a love for them and the words come. That's what I've come to understand. That if we want to truly help people we must first love them and everything we do for them with the intent to help because of our love then we truly have helped them. In other words if we can only have charity. The pure love of Christ.

This last weekend Sharon Jones was baptized by her son JJ Jones. Our recent convert was able to help his mother and soon his dad ( my fingers are crossed ) to enter into the waters of baptism. It was a incredible experience. Sharon had previously wanted to hear me sing because she would hear me in sacrament meeting and other meetings like FHE and I was never able to. So for her baptism I sang "Savior, Redeemer of My Soul". It was awesome. I still struggle with one or two high notes toward the end because of the key change but it ended up being great. I think she liked it. Thanks for sending me all that music. I'm starting to sing a lot more in groups and other things with my guitar and the songs that I have for that. If there is any music back home like hymns or just books like John Denver or something I wouldn't mind.
Oh and something I was curious about. My iPad can receive PDFs and save them in my iBooks. So I know there are a ton of gospel books that you like mom and that are great. If there are any that you think I would like you can forward the PDFs that you find on the Internet to me and I can save them onto my iPad. Also, I received my new iPad this Wednesday. We are transferring all of my photos and videos to usb drives and so they will be showing up at home soon.
I was curious if I could have my sunglasses shipped to me. Just for driving and other things like that. When you're in Portland and the sun comes out its really bright because we don't see it for a while sometimes.
The Jones family starting from the left is. Treasure, Sharon, Henry, baby Henry, Lavaughnda, Elder Williams,

Sharon the week before her baptism, and Henry just started meeting with us.

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