Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Companionship + new underwear, Rocky


This past week has been great! Elder Smith and I are always just amazed at what the Lord blesses us with as we go about doing his work. Elder Smith and I have been companions for about 3 transfers now. A companionship is like a a new pair of underwear. At first it is constricting, and then it becomes a part of you. Elder Smith is that underwear. We have been working together for a little while and we have loved every minute of it. As of now you are probably thinking that one of us is getting transferred here soon. That seems to be the truth! 

Transfers are already coming up quick and we are just keeping up. This past week we had the opportunity to meet with the Zone Leaders and have another MLC. Taking all that we learned from Elder Packer and the recent Zone Conferences, the meeting turned out great! The whole focus of the meeting was on becoming a Full Purpose Missionary or a Fourth Missionary. It turned out great! We were able to start the meeting off great, thanks to our heavenly father. 

Sorry this email will be pretty short. This last week we were able to go see Rocky again. We went by after the saturday general priesthood meeting. It was just a usual visit until we followed up on his reading and progression toward baptism. The response that we received was pretty funny and out of the ordinary. He simply said, "yeah, how do I go about this baptism thing?" I would love to give all of you the opportunity to meet Rocky. He is one of the funniest investigators we've had. So we ended up setting a date on the week of his birthday this upcoming month and we will be working with him as much as we can to prepare him. It has been an incredible experience just being able to watch. This weekend he was able to attend a session of general conference and he enjoyed it. He was a little sleepy but luckily he was able to catch the prophets words. From what he told us he enjoyed what he saw. It was pretty funny. As Rocky was dozing off in the middle of the morning session he actually fell on Elder Smith. One loud snore and then bam! Elder Smith was helping him back upright and he was awake for a few more minutes. haha

The week has been great! General conference was fantastic.We will talk to you next week! 
E. Archibald

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