Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Opening my mouth

Hey mom!
Everything is going good. We are getting a new elder in our group of 4 and its gonna be great because the last one was kind of a weird one. Its the guy with curly hair in the pics. Other than that I'm doing good! Loving all the families in my ward even though all of them are kind of a little bit older. There are a few families with younger parents but very few. This last week the whole mission found 243 new investigators! Breaking the record which is awesome. My companion and I found one and potentially another but we have to follow up this week because she didn't have time.
Since I've been out I've noticed that I have gotten a lot smarter and realized when I study things I can actually talk about them, if I just open my mouth. So now I can just go up to people and spark a conversation from nothing and relate it to the gospel. This last week we also got a few OYM's. One night we went out and we talked to about 10 people and got five other lessons- which was crazy because each person we talked to conversed with us for about 10 minutes each. This week was a great one.

Our mission president is probably the best one there is ever. Every time he talks I get so pumped to do missionary work and I don't know why. After stake conference this week I wasn't the only one who was inspired. The members in my ward felt it too! Idk how he does it. He even singled me out in an email and asked why I had not been emailing him on a weekly basis. I was surprised because he has over 200 missionaries that he is in charge of. He definitely is a man of God that's for sure.
Well here are some pictures for now. I will get some newer ones for next time.

love ya

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