Monday, March 31, 2014

Record breaking 201 Open Your Mouths (OYMs)

Hey Mom,

I don't know why Michael is being a punk but he is haha. But I am upset because I can't see Jerzi and Dominic when they are babies! That's like the best part. I did screen shot some pictures of Jerzi on my Ipad and she is looking so cute! But this last week was a long one! We have been tracting all week because our teaching pool is pretty small and we wanted to change that. So this week we racked in about 201 oyms breaking our previous record of 101. It was a pretty hard goal to get because we walked and walked and walked. We have a few potentials that hopefully will turn into new investigators because we need some people to teach. I haven't had many opportunities to share the gospel in a full lesson but there were a few. We are currently teaching this girl named Luca. She is really smart and has a lot of questions. We gave her a Book of Mormon and ask her to pray about it and hopefully she will do what we asked and get an answer because she would be a great member of the church.

This last week we had a lesson in Elders Quorum about missionary work and how we are kind of slacking. He said that if this church is the true church then why aren't we getting more people to attend and join. Maybe we are approaching them wrong or talking about it like its a movie, like it's really good and you should check it out. And when it's put into those terms the church is only for certain people. That's what a lot of people think. oh religion isn't for me or my religion suits me well. That shouldn't be the case because our religion fits all but we have to show that to them by helping them find it for themselves. Missionary work and having true conversion to the gospel is a difficult thing. I've found that people find it easy to accept things like atheism and simple things because relying on natural man is just an easy way.
Love ya

Elder Archibald

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