Monday, May 19, 2014

Service projects and a serious tip

Ya I have definitely heard the song "Let it go." Its pretty popular. Its pretty crazy to think that I have been out of school for a year now. But I'm getting old too-- so don't worry! Its weird I'm going to 20 years old soon! I wonder how you feel about this... haha!

So this week we have done a few different service projects. We started out helping this woman name Robyn with her yard as a zone. We did a ton of work just pulling weeds, raking up branches and throwing everything in a pile. They consider a black berry bushes a bad thing, haha!  I would love to have one cuz black berries be delicious! 
The second service project was serving the homeless. Its was cool because I played waiter and Ihad almost 30 people to serve and so it was kinda scary at first but Igot it down. Throughout the feast the relationship between the elders and all the other people that volunteered got much better. I think the other volunteers have a better understanding about missionaries. I don't think they think we are weird anymore because we are just normal people. But that wasn't the highlight of the weekend. The night before, we were walking down to visit a member right before it was time to go in and we decided to bring his rope so he could rope some stuff and so I brought my guitar to have some music/ sound effects for the activity. Right before we got there we were stopped by someone that was stalking us. She looked at us funny and then drove off and then turned around. This was weird because people usually run from us. She rolled down the window and ask if she could donate some money towards our cause. Meanwhile I am plunking out Wonderwall and thinking what? Donate money. I asked her if she was sure. Because we don't get the "Can I donate money?" But she was serious and followed her to her house and to make a long story short we got 50 bucks! Which we put in as tithing!
This week has been good! We had a bunch of appointments and a lot of them canceled or forgot so we are continuing to try to go by and see what we can do to help them. We stopped by Charla this last Wednesday, she has trouble with smoking and some other family issues. She reads from the Bible at time and asks us questions about certain things. We answered all of her questions and have convinced her to read the Book of Mormon. She said she had trouble reading it but we are going to help her. 
We also have been working with this younger girl named Luca. We had a church tour on Wednesday and it went well. We took her through the church and described all the rooms and their purposes until we reached the chapel. She definitely could tell the difference between our church and theirs and I think it was the feeling inside aka the spirit. WE hope to continue working with them so we can help them reach the waters of baptism. 
Thanks for all of the support from the family! Love you guys!
E. Archibald

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