Monday, June 16, 2014

New Companion Elder Kelly and Tariq

Hey mom, 
This last week has been a great one! 
I will just start off with transfers. Wednesday morning I got a new companion named Elder Kelly. He is from South Carolina and loves rap music. He is missing music in other words. Haha we get along fairly well because I can beatbox somewhat as he freestyles as we tract. It's a lot of fun. 
This last week we taught a ton!! Pulled in about 20+ lessons and a few people attended church. This week we are moving in on those progressing and inviting them to be baptized. We have four that we will be meeting with. 
On Friday we had the opportunity to meet with a teenager named Tariq. He has autism but with that there is something so incredible about him, a photographic memory. He can read at an incredible speed and remember named and people like Alma and Helamen- stuff like that. The way he communicates with us is through writing on a dry erase board. But it gets even cooler because his dad holds his hand so he doesn't shake and then interprets the writing because it isn't actually letters. Tariq is a well educated kid but he just has autism which limits his ability to concentrate for very long. Luckily in the midst of all of this we were able to teach a lesson on Mosiah 18. We asked him to read two verses but instead he read the whole chapter. He is so incredible and he got it from his parents but from God. I believe that God has something huge in store for him because Tariq wants to be baptized. But he doesn't want to give up coffee. Those drinks! Haha hopefully we can help him to realize how much better it will be for him without coffee. 
We are also meeting with this single mom named Corianne. She is incredibly nice! I wasn't able to teach her the first lesson but we taught her the Plan of Salvation. I think the reason why I like visiting with her so much is because she communicates so well and is extremely spiritual but at the same time smart. A perfect mix of logic and faith. People like her have such a huge impact in others. It's incredible.
You were speaking about birthdays. Happy birthday to everyone!! I wish I could be there. I had an idea for my birthday. Since we rarely had parties for me I figured you could all get together and celebrate my birthday and then send all my presents from my friends to me haha. Just kidding. If you are planning on getting me some stuff I have some ideas of what I need haha. I feel bad for even saying something but I promise they are pequeno. Love everyone!
E. Archibald

P.S. Dad,Miss you so much! Hope you had a good Father's Day and birthday a while back sorry I didn't send you anything. I remembered but I forgot on the Monday prior. Stay cool so I can come back and do some cool father son bonding stuff. Love ya

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