Monday, June 2, 2014

Home teaching and Sheryl the Trekky

Hey dad,
Sorry I missed your birthday last week, it was the day after my four month birthday haha!

I am getting close to 6 months out crazy right? I knew when you told me you were in the bishopric that you would be really busy. I'm betting you have to be up to speed on your home teaching, which is another thing haha. We had a huge spill about home teaching in PEC this last Sunday and it was kind of boring but it is a good because if people don't really know how to home teach it gives us an opportunity to go out and interact with members while contacting less actives. I never thought I would be excited to do the home teaching stuff haha!. Back home it was a pain but then my priorities weren't what they should have been. 
I know Brynn will do her best because she seems to be the best when it comes to getting the job done with her siblings. I would encourage that the whole family listens to the belief window/ self worth talk done by Hyrum W. Smith. It's really good. Its about an hour so it may take some time but it is a really good thing.

It really helps people to narrow down what people are thinking or why they are acting a certain way. My companion and I use it sometimes when people are rude to us. Recently I have been learning a ton about the gospel. The amount of questions we can ask and the answers to every one of those questions is amazing. I have been learning about the apostasy, how Christ's church was built (through doctrine) and why certain things have become the way they are today e.g. the trinity. Its pretty amazing how much information is really there. Ive also noticed that the more that I learn,  the easier it is to express my take on things in ways that people can understand and then work into depth if they have questions. 

This last week we found four new people that are coming closer to the gospel: Roger, Teela, Sheryl, and Kent. They are all older and have completely different lifestyles. They all have one thing in common, they all are trying to increase their faith in Christ!  I would have to say Sheryl is my favorite because she is actually a Treky haha. She loves all the Star Trek movies and collects action figures and things from the movies haha. Its kinda funny but awesome. 

Last week was great!  Hopefully it continues on to the next. 
Hope everything at home is good also! 
Have a great week!
E. Archibald

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