Monday, July 14, 2014

Eric Christensen and a change of heart

Hey family!
This week has been incredible! 
Elder Kelly and I have been pushing as hard as we can to bring as many people closer to Christ through baptism. The one thing I've noticed in the midst of all this is that my love for each investigator is amazing. One investigator named Eric Christensen showed up to church for his first time two weeks ago and again this last Sunday. Right when I saw Eric I was so excited because this man is changing his life. When people progress and start changing I see how much the gospel really will change their lives and it's incredible. There are few things that are better than sharing the gospel with someone and helping them to become the best person that God wants them to be.  
On Sunday we had the opportunity to introduce 7 investigators to the ward and I've never been so happy in my life. This following week is gonna be a doozy but we will keep you posted next week.
That's pretty cool that you get to be the usher for the temple! Maybe in the future you could move to Utah when your retired and work there! That would be something. It's incredible to see the amount of organization and work that goes into running this church. Think about it; missionary work which is a huge matter,  temple work which is also another huge thing. I could go on but that's a huge subject.  
Hope Fossilfest was fun and stuff. I forgot it was happening this weekend until it was Sunday morning. 
Love you guys!
-Elder Archibald

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