Thursday, July 3, 2014

Happy Birthday! I'm Twenty

Hey Brother & Sister Archibald,
Just wanted you to see your missionary son celebrating his 20th birthday!!

Elder Archibald and Elder Kelly live with us.  (Thank you so much for sending a box with "Happy Birthday" on the outside!  It put us on alert to ask just when that birthday was coming up and bake a cake.)  The ward mission leader, Brother Allen Rhyasen, lives three doors up the street from us and he dropped in during dinner to bring Elder Archibald a birthday present - candy treats, Mountain Dew, and Book of Mormon CDs they could give out to investigators.  The elders left quickly after birthday cake and ice cream to get on to their next appointment for the evening.  They are working super hard and currently have 7 investigators on date for baptism, I think.

Just a birthday update for you,
Sue Lowe

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