Monday, September 1, 2014

Growing through our trials and District Leader

Hey family!

This last week has been an incredible one! It really has showed me
that I can do hard things. Throughout all of it I've really come to
understand the importance and power of prayer. It's really incredible
to teach investigators this and see them really witness it for

We went and saw a recent convert last night that had been
sick for the past few weeks and she asked us for a blessing. I was
picked to do the initial blessing after the anointing. As I laid my
hand upon her head and started to speak I could feel the spirit so
strongly and I comforted and aided her with her afflictions. But there
is more to the story. I've recently been asking to be more charitable
and thoughtful to our investigators and the people we
administer to. This blessing was a clear answer to that prayer.

So on Wednesday this week my companion and I went to a leadership
meeting. You may ask why? I have been called to be a district leader
for a few missionaries. It's going to be great but there is more. I've
also been called to train a new missionary! It's going to be great!
It's going to be a little different at first but I'm sure he will do
good. I actually don't know who it is yet but I will find out on

God does not want us to be comfortable. He wants us to continually
grow and make ourselves better and if we aren't then God is going to
change that. That's why he sends us trials, and gives us callings.
With the knowledge of this it brings peace and comfort to us as we
face our trials and take on these callings. It's because we know that
we don't have to face it on our own. We can be inspired and aided not
only by others but by our Savior. Where we fall short, H
know this to be true.

Shoutout to Travis! Have fun up in Washington or Oregon! It's such a
sweet place. If you go to Oregon be prepared to say. Hmmm interesting.
Haha have fun!

The pictures are pretty recent. And there will be more of elder Kelly
and I and then the new companion. Miss you!
E. Archibald

e fills in. I

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