Tuesday, September 9, 2014

District Leader and Adversity Quote

Hey family!
This last week has been incredible! On Wednesday we had transfer
meeting and I received my new companion. I am training Elder Mohler.
He is a stud and he is going to be a great missionary after these next
two transfers. The reason I say that is because this ward and the area
are incredible! We have the opportunity to work closely with the
members everyday as we go to lessons and testify of the truthfulness
of our message.

Tonight we actually had this sweet experience. Today was p-day so we
weren't able to go proselyting until later but it was an awesome p day
leading up to a more exciting night. So to start our night off with
tracking. The first three doors were kind of rough with no one
interested. So we walk up the to fourth door and low a behold we have
someone who actually will listen to what we have to say. We ended up
teaching him the restoration and applying the message so well to what
he needed. As we were wrapping everything up we extended the baptismal
date for the 4th of August. He accepted! It's truly incredible to feel
and share the powerful message of the restoration on doorsteps. And to
feel that Spirit anywhere and everywhere is also incredible. It has
really opened my eyes to the way we think and perceive things. Its
amazing when we can teach someone when there is something hectic going
on in the background and still feel the Spirit as strong as ever.
There are definitely those times where it's a little different but
that's why God gave us adversity. It makes us work harder for those
moments and appreciate them more when they come. I read this sweet
excerpt on adversity today it reads;

"Adversity is a reality of life. Without adversity we could not
understand or appreciate joy and contrast to sorrow, righteousness in
contrast to wickedness. Often, the problem is not so much the
situation itself but rather our attitude toward the situation and the
events and relationships around us. Howe view the situation is the key
to dealing with adversity. Perceiving things from a higher perspective
invariably leads to greater understanding and frequently to the
discovery of effective solutions." Also ( 2 Nephi 2:11)

I love the mission and the opportunities that I have had out here.
It's truly changed the way I perceive things and will continue to do
so as I continue on. God truly does live and he does know each and
every one of us and does watch over us. He makes that known every
single day! We aren't looking hard enough. My challenge to you is to
pray to witness God's hand in your life daily.
Is he really there?
out for yourself.
He's waiting!
E. Archibald

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