Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Ralph Garza and new companion Elder Aguirre

Hey mom!
This last week has been extremely busy but awesome at the same time. Because we are working in the YSA ward we specifically teach guys our age. It's been great to work with them because we get a variety of lifestyles and one similarity we share is the gospel and that's where we come in. It's so exciting to see when they get the message and apply it into their busy lives. 
Right now we are working with a lot of YSAs but one specifically sticks out right now. His name is Ralph Garza. He is a Hispanic guy that has a Christian background but was anti at first. He has been taking the lessons for a while and got closer and closer to baptism until his parents talked him out of it. So last week we went over and taught him about the Tree of Life, explaining the great and spacious building and the mist of darkness that surrounds all when trying to find God's love through the scriptures. He must of understood because the next day he texted us. He had read the chapter we left him and he knew it to be true. He wants to be baptized. 
I've only been here for two weeks but things are going great! We recently had stake reports due for the stake missionary meeting and that was stressful because I did not know what to expect. Luckily my companion had done it before so it wasn't that big of a deal. The zone is doing fantastic and we are just getting started in the transfer. 
It's amazing to see how many people are open to hearing more about the gospel these days. It is another witness that you never know when people will accept the invitation to meet with the missionaries or go to an activity at the church. Extend the invitation and the worst that can happen is them saying no.
I got a package! Thank you Brynn! These oils are awesome and I was in dire need for some more. You are spoiling me! Elder Aguirre is my companion now. He is really into fitness and 'more' fitness so we get along pretty well. We lift weights every morning and I'm starting to get a skinny again. Haha it's nice but we are able to work really well together when we teach and train the zone. 
God truly does answer prayers. When we have real intent and a desire to act upon whatever he receives of with the answer. John 15:16
Love you!
E. Archibald 

This is me and Elder Burk. We had an opportunity to go on exchanges this last week. He was my second companion and it was great to catch up and preach the gospel together!

With great power comes great responsibility.

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