Monday, October 13, 2014

Moving Onward and Upward as Zone Leader in Clark YSA Ward

Hey mom!

The week has been crazy! You will see in the pictures this week a lot
of families and close friends in the ward. The reason for that is
that I am getting transferred to a new area. I'm going to the Clark
YSA ward as a zone leader. It's been crazy to see the escalation of my
leadership. One transfer I was a dlb or district leader buddy and then
to district leader then straight to zone leader. It's so much fun to
serve in leadership because you really get to know the missionaries
serving around you as you try to serve them and help them become
better missionaries. I've learned so much these past couple of months
and I can't wait to learn more.

It's been great serving in the Columbia Heights Ward for the past 4
and a half months. The ward here is great and had a huge impact on the
success that we saw these past few months.

At the moment we are getting our investigator Roger ready for his
baptism not this weekend but the next. He has come such a long way
from when I first met him. Now he is ready for baptism and asking me
to baptize him. I was shocked at first because we usually have the
members of the ward baptize the investigators so they have a tie into
the ward but he wants me to do it. I'm pretty excited to have the

This week on Wednesday I was able to see Meet the Mormons with some
other missionaries at the mission office and it was great. I really
loved the football portion and the pilot one. So many inspirational
people that are Mormons! It's great and I think that there will
continue to be more and more as we follow the advice of the prophets
and apostles by reaching our true potential.

A little bit about general conference. It was awesome! It's like a
movie marathon for me. So much inspiration just flying out of their
mouths. I particularly liked Elder Hollands talk on serving the poor
and the atonement. He always just blows it out of the water.
So I'm saying goodbye to Columbia Heights and welcoming the YSA!

Till next week!
Elder Archibald

I think this dogs name is Tishi. Such and awesome little dog that is a puffball.

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