Saturday, April 18, 2015

Conference--Dalles Zone- MMA fighting--Onions & Jalapenos

Hey family!
Conference was great! A lot of extremely powerful talks about Christ
and the plan of salvation. It seemed like it was all focused on
missionary work. All the beliefs or things we hear were proven wrong
very simply. Maybe I just am looking for that haha idk. But I watched
general conference at the stake center here in the Dalles. 10 hours of
conference is like Christmas for the missionaries. We get to hear the
inspiring words of the people we talk up everyday. It's nice. You may
ask. The dalles? Yes I have been transferred to the dalles. Transfers
were last Wednesday so I have not yet received the package you sent
but I will probably get it this Thursday.

This transfer I was moved back to be a zone leader in the eastern area
of our mission. President Taylor is setting up the dalles zone for the
Yakima mission in July. In other words I'm going to be in a different
mission when it comes time to come home. I'm pretty excited about it
actually. I get to see a lot more of the north west and work with
another mission president. A lot of people have come up to me this
past week at transfers and just asked me how I was feeling about the
change and I just expressed my excitement. I received a few
compliments and it has just been a good week. Lots of things continue
to come at me. Leadership opportunities and a old companion that is
going home Ina transfer and learning how to fight. We have a member in
the Ward that is teaching us how to mma fight on p days. At least
today he did. He told me to work on punching my nose in the mirror.
Haha I'm learning a lot of cool worldly things and also a ton of
spiritual things. Studies are going great. Working on finishing the
Book of Mormon again and also the doctrine and covenants.

The people up here in the dalles are incredible. We have multiple
people that are just waiting to be baptized. We just have to teach
them haha. Isn't that the best struggle out there. Them having to wait
because we haven't taught them enough. One specific family that we are
working with is a couple, Amanda and Vincent. Less active father and
non-member mother. She is starting to come around and really listen to
what we have to share with her. As she continues to read she slowly
understands what the book of saying. That's something I realized that
I struggled with before the mission. I didn't know scripture language
at all. Luckily I get to catch up. šŸ˜œšŸ”« haha it's a lot of fun though.
We are also working with other families that I'm still getting to know
since I've only been here for about 4 days.

This past weekend we taught almost everyone we came in contact with
about the atonement of Jesus Christ. We hear almost all the time that
he died for all of our sins. That's true but there is more. Alma
7:11-12 we see that it's not just the sins that he suffered from but
everything that we could possibly go through. So that he could know
according to the flesh, how to succor his people. He died on that
cross so that all of us could lives prosperous lives. To have an
opportunity to feel of gods love as we are worthy of it. So that we
might not perish, but have everlasting life. The atonement truly is
the only way we are able to experience gods love in this life. Through
Christ we feel and know that father and his plan. Christ didn't just
die to have immortal life he died so that we can enjoy the life that
we have been given.

It's such a privilege to share the message of Christ to these people.
Easter was great. Elder McDaniel and I tore up an Easter egg hunt this
last Saturday in between sessions. Had some hot dogs with some
jalapeƱo mustard. Wow that was good. I'm experiencing a whole new
world with jalapeƱos and onions and peppers. You wouldn't believe the
food I eat mother. It's crazy how things just happen like that.
Learning a lot, loving life, and I have quite a bit of time left so
it's going to be great!

Elder Archibald

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