Thursday, April 30, 2015

Fishing, Rodericks, teaching the First Vision, Ice Cream

Hello family! 
Sorry I missed you last week! Things were crazy with fishing up in the mountains and getting sunburnt. I'm good now though! 
I hope everything back home is going great. Schools is coming to a close here soon which is crazy. I've been out of school for almost 2 years. Yikes! But we are looking forward to summer here in the Dalles. It does get into the hundred and teens sometimes up here which will be brutal but great. People will be roaming the streets and we will be flying around like zombies on doomsday. Haha you can put your own analogy on that haha that one isn't pleasant. Things are looking good!

This past week Elder McDaniel and I had a lot of success. We have recently been stopping by and working with a lot of prospective elders. Members who have not yet received the melcezadec priesthood. So we weren't finding to much success here a little and there a little but we came to the Roderick home. It was really really windy because we are up in the heart of what we call the gorge. So we walk up to this house and knock on the door and this man comes to the door and we ask if dean Roderick is home. He answers and said, no that's my brother. I'm a member though. I was a teacher. We dont know how his brothers records lead us there because he had died 9 years ago. We continue to talk a little more until his wife comes and reminds him his dinner is ready and it will get cold. The nicest way to get us to leave haha. So we said oh ok we understand and he gave us an interesting look like. No don't leave or like he felt something. So we said bye and walked back to the van and elder McDaniel and I got in and had the same thing come to our minds. His brother lead us to him. He is ready to start making his way back. We sat there and talked in the van and then we see his wife coming to the door. After knocking on the window she asks us if we have dinner and we said no. So she invited us to come in and have the two extra steaks that she has. Only on conditions that we don't preach to her. We accepted and ended up eating a 32 oz steak I swear. Long story short she ends up preaching to us about school and the world and her husband found out she asked us not to preach and he was kind of upset. Haha it was a small but awesome experience to be a part of as we were able to break down some barriers. We will be seeing them this week and hopefully helping them come unto Christ a little more. 

This week was zone conference. It's always awesome to go and listen. We are always the ones talking and it's a good change to see someone else up there and sit and listen. The APs trading was fantastic. I felt like they were talking directly to me. It was centered on following the spirit. Being sensitive to spiritual prompting some and why it is so important. It reinforced my understanding of that important principle. As we go out and we strive to serve the lord the only effective way we are able to serve him is by following his spirit. We have individual qualities and talents that when joined with the spirit brings the converting power to those individuals that only we can influence. It's incredible when we receive a glimpse of that happening. This last week on exchanges i was trying my best to focus on following the spirit to a T. I received a prompting to knock and door and no questions asked I did it. And nothing. So we continued on. Knocked a few more doors as we walked down the street and on our way to a prospective elder I looked over and saw a woman in her kitchen and I just knew I needed to knock the door. Instantly we walked to the house and knocked the door. Taught them the restoration and left her with a copy of the Book of Mormon. Every single time we share the first vision you feel and see a change within every person. They are feeling the spirit and they don't recognize it. But that's not all. We finished teaching them and on our way out we start teaching her brother that is coming over. He ends up being so solid! He is about the be a father of two and is around 25 years old. It was awesome getting to know him! He sounds like he is from Wyoming actually. Loves fishing, hunting, and all the awesome things you do inwyoming. He just ate up the gospel and we will be seeing him this week as well. This whole experience really built my testimony. At first i didn't receive anything from what I thought might be a prompting. But after the trial of my faith I receive and witness that the spirit was there to guide us. It comes to show that we must act upon all the things that we think might be a prompting. We can have courage with the knowledge that even if it is just a thought God will see that we are trying. And we are being righteous we need not to worry about the outcome.

Love life out here in the Dalles! Right now my arms are so so sore from working out so there are probably some spelling errors. Thanks for everything. Mother's Day is coming up really quick! Skype date! 

I don't look like I'm all there, I was in shock haha. Cascade locks ice cream was amazing! 
I've really come to LOVE soft served ice cream.
Elder Archibald

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