Saturday, April 18, 2015

Elder McDaniel, Herman Smith, Dunbars, Submitting to God's will

Hey family!
This week has been pretty good. We had the opportunity to hear from our mission President and the APs this thursday. It was great to see where the mission is headed. These last few months ther has been alot of changes within the mission because alot of the leadership is leaving. Its crazy to think im one of the oldest missionaries in the room. Weird! Im not even that old (mission age). We are pretty excited with the new way we are doing things because leadership is young and we are having to build up the mission again. So if I get moved to the Yakima Mission i will have some experience with starting out fresh. At least a little bit.

Elder McDaniel and I are doing great. The area is loaded with a ton of great people and the members are even better! Elder McDaniel is from Mesa Arizona and he is a 6 4' beach god. Im trying to help him get his abs back because he is in pretty rough shape haha. No just kidding. He is going home this transfer and so we are trying to get him in the best shape for summer that is coming up. I miss working out like i used to! Not really. Today we did a workout that is called DTP. Its a workout that i did back home and it definitely destroyed us today. We both couldn't walk straight and probably won't be able to for the rest of this week but thats ok. The work will distract us from the soreness. 

The zone is doing great! We are working with, like a said, alot of young missionaries. They are stellar! So much more prepared than i was when i came out. We are just working on teaching the that basic of effective finding, teaching, and administering to the investigators needs. Its alot of fun. This week we have a zone meeting on wednesday. They usually only happen monthly unless we need the zone to know something immediately. Otherwise we have district meetings because we are still in a district. But being a zone leader really just adds on alot of different paper work and presenting perfromance to the stake. We are able to go to a meeting called the Mission Leadership Conference. Its a blessing to hear from our Mission President. That man is inspired! Its been awesome working with him.

I was able to meet Hermana Smith ( Alli Smith ) at transfers this last transfer and she recognized my name but not me. Haha i knew her but she didn't know me. Kinda awkward but thats what us a missionaries live for. Those awkward moments that we just have to embrace haha. 

This week we have been working with the Dunbars. Brother and Sister Dunbar and working toward the temple and have the goal to attend on the 5th of may. We have had the opportunity to go over and teach her the temple prep lessons. Im learning alot haha. There is so much to the gospel. That is what they continue to say as well. She is taking all the gospel standards and principals to heart. She loves the feeling that she receives as she lives the word of wisdom because she knows the difference it has made in her life. She continues crack down on soda and bad eating habits and is just on fire. This couple has really strengthened my faith. They continue to look for more and more principles that will enable to be better people. That is seriously so awesome. Its been incredible to have the opportunity to work with them. 

I would like to thank you for that book. The peter potential? I think that is the name of it. It really was motivating. It is so true as well. I believe that we are able to do much larger things as we come unto our savior. That he worked a miracle with fish and loaves of bread and the thought of the miracles that he could do with a life is inspiring. I feel like I've felt a little bit of that. As I've submitted my will to the fathers at least tried to I've seen the blessings. Thats really the hardest part. Hands down the hardest thing we do on this earth. Is literally doing everything that he would have us do. I know that by submitting our will to our father as a child submits to their father we will be blessed beyond comprehension. I love the gospel and my incredible family! Keep being awesome. BTW, I feel like i just wrote an email yesterday. and its almost Mothers day already. have a good week!
E. Archibald

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