Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Monday's are CRAZY but FUN!

From "The Washington Yakima Mission" Blog

Monday Morning Transfers

This morning after taking Elder Jarman to the airport, we had our office meeting to carefully go through the transfer plans.  There is an unbelievable amount of work that goes into an event like this week’s transfer.  We have 26 new missionaries arriving and only one leaving, so departures will be easy tonight and in the morning.  Our departing Elder Wright will board the plane the arriving missionaries come in on tomorrow morning. Then the fun and crazy times will begin.
2015-9-7 (27)
We have been working hard to secure housing in 12 new areas:
Yakima Central Spanish (Sisters)
Yakima 3rd Ward, Selah 2nd Ward
Selah 2nd Ward (Sisters)
Ellensburg 1st & 3rd Wards
Toppenish West 1st & 2nd Wards Spanish
Hood River Spanish (Sisters)
Wenatchee Columbia Hills Ward
Chelan 2nd Ward (Sisters)
Moses Lake 6th Ward
Moses Lake 9th Ward Spanish
Ephrata 2nd Ward
Oroville Ward
It’s not just “securing housing” –it’s building bunk beds (thank you to Elder McBean and Brother Simonian!), getting sheets, blankets and pillows, furniture, supplies, money cards, for the missionaries to put their money on, phones for each companionship, and figuring out transportation in each area.  We have some new cars being sent to the mission, but they won’t arrive for a few more weeks, so we have to figure out walking and biking areas and sharing vehicles.  In several areas we are doubling up missionaries in existing apartments or homes.  Many of our missionaries live in member homes.  There is a lot to consider with every change.

2015-9-7 (16)
2015-9-7 (30)

Sister Thompson and President Lewis are reviewing new housing areas:

2015-9-7 (17)
Pears picked fresh from Elder Ray Smith’s orchards:

2015-9-7 (19) Elder Thompson keeping car reports straight:

2015-9-7 (18)

2015-9-7 (32)
2015-9-7 (33)Sister Thompson keeping track of landlords and finances:

Mail ready to distribute to the missionaries at the transfer meeting

New phones to charge and program:

Orientation packets for new missionaries:

2015-9-7 (35)
Meanwhile, back at the mission home, food prep is underway.  Tonight we’ll take Elder Wright out to dinner for his final meal and then serve breakfast in the morning. Tomorrow we’ll have a big lunch and dinner, then breakfast and lunch Wednesday morning.  We’ve been shopping and preparing delicious food.  The house smells wonderful.  You’re going to want my apple cake recipe!

Elder Wright has just arrived.  We are off to our evening activities with him!

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