Monday, September 21, 2015

Trainer Trainee meetings and Rocky (How the Spirit works)

Hey Mom!

This past week has been alot of fun! We were able to see the new missionaries that came in this last transfer and also the missionaries that came in the transfer before that. It's so much fun to see them and watch their progress in spurts. The mission truly changes us quickly! This tuesday we had our "transferly" Doctrine of Christ and Trainer Trainee meetings. Tuesday morning started off great as we arrived at the building and beheld a marvelous sight. ALL of the carpet throughout the entire church was shredded and gone! Improvising in this situation was a must. With that slight change we ended up outside for our Doctrine of Christ meeting and it turned out nice. There were only a few minor set backs like the huge lawn mower that was going by during the training and the playground full of kids. It turned our great though. Trainer Trainee meeting turned out great as well. The relief society room was FULL of missionaries! We had a great time introducing one another and watching them interact with their new companions. Change occurs so quickly from day 1 to day 6! It's a sight to see. Overall the missionaries in the Yakima Mission are doing great!

This past week we have been able to continue working with Rocky. His progression is noticeable as well. The week before we weren't able to have to much interaction with him because of his schedule and he missed church. We weren't to worried because he is just a great guy. This week we were able to go by and visit him. I am not sure if I mentioned this in the past but he knows everything is true. He is waiting for him to feel comfortable with making that step of baptism. So we are nudging him along and he is making it there. Every time we go over and visit him the spirit is so strong. He is very receptive and wants to learn more. The other week he described his experience of fasting and how this peaceful and loving feeling came over him. He said "I don't think i received an answer but this is what I felt." Elder Smith and I took that opportunity to teach him about the spirit and how it works with us through thoughts, feelings, and impressions. "Promoting us to do good and to serve God." When we go and see Rocky it's always such a spiritually uplifting experience. We know he will be in the water sometime soon. I will let you know!

E. Archibald

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