Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Roselynne and time flies when your having fun

Hey Mom!
This week was awesome! Flew by. Sorry they just keep getting away from me. It's unfortunate! I think it's just the huge amount of work that has to be done! That's a good thing! This week has been loaded with meetings and preparation for this upcoming transfer. We are so excited to welcome 26 new missionaries to the Yakima Mission tomorrow! It's incredible as we plan to receive them and prepare the mission with all the new areas. You never really know how much goes on behind the scenes in a mission until you sit in the meetings with President Lewis. It's so exciting! 
This last week we had our MLC and it turned out great! The Lord blessed us with a powerful training on teaching simply. As we prepared the training we were referencing from talks and PMG trying to find what would be right. We kept coming back to our need to teach simply enough that a child could understand and act on the message. We had the bright idea to bring a 10 year old kid to MLC and have people role play in front of the whole group of missionaries to teach the value of the principle. We started the training by "ranting" about complex things. Elder Smith talked about his music mixer and the different effects it has and how it alters the music. He was a DJ, I don't know if I told you that yet. As he concluded he mentioned his speaker system and that was my cue. I "ranted" for a few minutes on sound systems and how much power was needed to get a good sound. In other words we confused them with whatever we were trying to explain. Teaching simply is often times the only way others are able to feel the spirit. Simple and clear doctrine brings simple and clear understanding. This is where the child came in. After we role played a few times on teaching the Restoration simply with our companions they then had to demonstrate by teaching Robert. It was such an incredible experience and we couldn't have had a better child participant! He had such profound answers to the missionaries questions. He was so good!
This week we have been able to work with a lady named Roselynne. She is by far the funniest investigator I have ever had! Just a joy to be around. She is originally from Alabama and is in her later years. We go over and teach her on her porch every thursday and she just makes our day. This last week we went over and shared a little about the plan of salvation before we had to leave and she loved it. She said she would work us over with questions when we came back this upcoming week. That is just a quick note about her. Hopefully I will have more time to write more next week. 
Things are going great! Elder Smith and I are doing fantastic and he is just hilarious. Life is just fun! What makes it fun? That's a good question. I'll get back to you on that.;)
Love you all!
-E. Archibald

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