Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A note from Elder Christensen's mom Celeste

From Celeste Christensen
I noticed your name and wanted to send you a clip of what my son Elder Christensen had in his letter about what your son said that touched him.  I'm pretty sure it's your son, as he mentioned that he was from Wyoming....
This week we had a doctrine of Christ meeting at the mission home.  On of our AP's who is one amazing Elder from Wyoming said something that I thought was interesting.  He said "Repentance is compensation for human weakness." -Elder Archibald 
He is right, we all have weaknesses and through the Atonement we can all work on those weaknesses and the Lord will compensate for them and make them stronger.  What ever it may be, big or small, I've seen people use the Atonement to overcome some major weaknesses or addictions that they have had.  The Atonement is real and as long as we hit our knees and ask for that help from the Lord, he will compensate our weaknesses and help us change and we will find true happiness in doing so and our faith in the Savior will grow.
(just wanted to share that) Love our missionaries. 

Celeste Christensen  

2:20pm Oct 26

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