Friday, November 20, 2015

Elder Carter, helping Rocky and transforming missionary work

Hey Mom! 

This past week has been one of many mighty miracles!!! Elder Carter and I have been working on managing our time. We sometimes get sucked into tasks that just take way to long! Or are really not that important. This week we have made some serious strides in the right direction in that regard. Following our exchange with the Othello Zone Leaders Friday, we had an eventful weekend. It came as we strive to follow the spirit in ALL that we do. We were contacting a referral we had received and they ended up not being home. As we returned to our car we felt the need to knock a few doors because we are in every place for a reason. The first door we knock we talked to this Hispanic man that had a cute little family. I didn't get much from the conversation but he wanted us to come back because Elder Carter speaks Spanish and is a spiritual GIANT. Sadly, we aren't able to go and teach Spanish families. We handed him off to the other missionaries and went along. Again returning to the car we felt prompted to knock on this door. A random door I might add. Following the "little thought" or prompting we knocked the door and waited to see what happened. The door opened and a teenage girl just walked out and shut the door behind her, intending to talk to us for a bit. After an amazing discussion she allowed us to continue coming by. My explanation of this story is alot less dramatic than it really was but I couldn't help but learn from that experience. Elder Carter and I are constantly looking for more ways that we can have his spirit to be with us. Without his spirit we are worthless and as we have desired his spirit more it has transformed our missionary work. That experience of knocking on a random door has happen more than a handful of times this week. As we searched for his guiding hand and acted on the promptings to our hearts and minds miracles have occurred. When we as children of our heavenly father follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost a miracle follows every time. A miracle that changes the course of ones life for the better. This work is incredible! It is coming to a close but it won't end without someone entering the water! haha Right now we are helping Rocky work toward the 21st for baptism. He is doing so great! He had some struggles with tea and coffee but dropped them and he has never had so much juice in his life haha. He is doing so great! We will keep you updated on how he is doing. He loves the church and continues to just impress us with his faith. Until Next week!

E. Archibald

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