Tuesday, November 24, 2015

P-days, FACTS

(From Ann's blog)
Mondays in the Mission are Preparation Days.  Top priority on P-Days is sending emails home to loved ones.  Today the local library computer system was down, so we had a steady stream of missionaries coming into the Mission Office to use the computers here.  We have access to the employment services computers in the rooms next door.
Missionaries also send a letter to President Lewis every single week.  (It takes him about 2 days to read them all, which can be tricky if we are on the road or having a busy week) (usually the case).
In their private letters to the President, they usually report on the FACTS.
F = Family
A= their Area
C= their Companion and how they are getting along
T= their Testimony and how it’s growing
S= any Spiritual experiences they’ve had during the week.
Every now and again, with permission, President Lewis will share a story or experience with me.  I love these highlights.  When the missionaries go home, they get a CD with every letter they’ve written to the President on it to keep for themselves.  We hope it will be a nice collection of their experiences, their growth and their testimonies.

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