Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Green popcorn and buffness

Rhiannon  wrote:
Hey Bud how's it going?  We just finished family home evening and Theran gave a lesson about Ammon and his missionary work and how he served king Lamoni.  Theran found a picture from the gospel art kit... not sure if you remember it but he's very buff and shirtless protecting the sheep. the kids said you look like him ;) hahaha it was pretty funny.  We talked about what a great sacrifice you are doing and what a great example you are.  So the kids have some things they would like to ask.
Emmie would like to know if it's hard being a missionary? 
Also that she misses you and hopes your having a great time.  
Theran would like to know if you like being a missionary and if you like green popcorn ;) 
we are eating green marshmallow popcorn so obviously that's on his mind ;) 
Dylan wants to know if you've baptized anybody yet or teaching people.  
Trav wants to know If you wore any green for St. Patricks day?  Haha 
We would like to send you a package so if there's anything you want or need just let us know.  
Love you bunches!!!

Theran knows how to pick a good lesson that's for sure. Did you laugh because I'm not buff like Ammon?? haha rude.. I'm sure that spiced the lesson up a bit though! Answering Emmie's question: At first, being a missionary is hard because you aren't used to talking to strangers or talking to a lot of people about the gospel, at least I wasn't. But think of it this way, in sports when you have to run to get into shape- at first it's uncomfortable but after doing it enough it get easier. It's the same way as a missionary. At times it's hard but you adapt and eventually get used to it. Well Theran I have never had green popcorn but I do have a cool video to show you that might be as green popcorn. I will send it later today. Dylan I am working on that right baptism thing right now. We have people that want to be baptized but aren't ready just yet. When I get my first one I will send you a picture for sure!! haha for St. Patrick's day I actually stole/borrowed a kids green tattoo sleeve so I wore green for about two hours before I had to return it :/ I wouldn't mind some family pictures or something like that just to put on my wall. 
Thanks for all the support and love! Its great to hear from you guys when you write. Sorry for taking a while to reply been slightly busy haha

E. Archibald


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