Monday, April 14, 2014

Relief Society and grandpa Powell


This last week was a great one! Not for just me though. Congratulations Sophie! That's so awesome! I can't wait to see someone that I'm teaching reach baptism like you. It's truly amazing, isn't it? As we strive to get people closer to baptism it gets harder because Satan doesn't want that to happen. He wants us to be unhappy like him. So keep doing what you're doing and make your Heavenly Father proud.

We have recently found some new investigators and they are awesome. One named Anna-Marie.  She is kind of stubborn but she wants know the doctrine before she makes any commitments, so we try to clear things up and teach her the best we can so she can increase her faith. 
So far we have had a few teaching opportunities but not enough for what we had to do on Sunday. My companion and I were asked to teach Relief Society! 10 minutes before the class started we found out we were teaching about Hyrum and Joseph Smith and their relationship according the Joseph Fielding Smith. We felt really overwhelmed but we were going to wing it. We started out with a question and that wasted some time but when we actually started teaching the lesson the way it should have been the Spirit filled the room. We were talking about how Joseph Fielding Smith looked up to his grandpa Hyrum so much even though he never really had the chance to meet him. He spoke of his grandpas loyalty to the prophet and I never really realized how much loyalty he had. He suffered the tar and feathers just like Joseph but he got to watch it happen to Joseph so it was almost worse for Hyrum. In the middle of the lesson I talked about how our grandparents influence us to make decisions like Joseph Fielding Smiths grandpa did. Like Grandpa Powell did for me. He was an amazing man even though I was fairly young and had so much to learn about him he was still amazing. He would tell me about the time he was flying his plane and the pressure in the plane was so great that his ear were bleeding down the sides of his face. The man that entered the war at age 17 is one of my biggest hero's. 
I would like to thank all of my older brothers and my sister for being so awesome in their own ways. Its like my pizza analogy I used during my farewell talk. It's like I'm a pizza and I took a bit of everyone to add to me to make the ultimate pizza haha. Definitely not ultimate but I hope to be. Thank you Mom and Dad for this opportunity and the sacrifice made for me to be here.

Love all you guys!
E. Archibald

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