Monday, April 28, 2014

Teaching the gospel is awesome

This last week was very uneventful. Except for Sunday. Elder Doyle and I were able to teach the teachers quorum because one of the teachers father was going to join them and he wanted to hear a lesson by us. We taught about the Restoration but sadly he wasn't there. The lesson still ended up being awesome! As a companionship we are becoming very good at teaching together. He would say something and I would testify and then add to it while continuing on in the lesson. I was able to teach the First Vision and it was the most powerful lesson I have taught so far. I noticed the environment as we taught and I brought it up. I asked did you notice that? That change? That's the Spirit. 
Elder Doyle also added that some times we teach the First Vision something ruins that spiritual experience. Satan knows that those experiences will lead to conversion. If all of our friends could experience that feeling or be in that situation they would not only have a different outlook on Mormonism but join our church. This gospel is amazing! 

Love you guys!!
E. Archibald 

P.S. somethings kinda goofy for you!

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