Thursday, August 27, 2015

Monday Morning Meetings

(from the Yakima Mission blog)
We meet on Monday mornings at the Mission Office in Yakima to plan the coming week and discuss things like how to prepare for our first transfer week.  On the 28th we’ll have 14 Elders and Sisters completing their missions and 17 new ones joining us.  That will all happen in 2 1/2 days, involving 2 airports, lots of luggage, a lunch, a farewell dinner and testimony meeting, final interviews, 14 beds, then a nice breakfast before the trip to the airport where we’ll sadly say our goodbyes.
All this will be followed immediately that same afternoon by the in-coming group who will be welcomed (at a different airport) brought to the mission home, and fed an arrival dinner.  Then President Lewis will interview each so he can decide where to assign them in the morning.  Then we’ll send them to 17 beds where they probably won’t sleep much.  It’s an exciting time.  In the morning we’ll serve another delicious breakfast (waffles with homemade syrup, bacon, and an egg casserole) then take them to the Stake Center in Yakima where they’ll receive their new companion assignments, meet those companions, gather their luggage and head out to their new areas.  The companions they’ll join will come in to various meeting places throughout the mission to help transport everyone back to their areas, where they’ll be hard at work by late afternoon.  It’s a logistical feat to make this all happen without a mishap.  We’re excited to try!
Some where in all of this action will be some training for the new missionaries on mission policies, car use, housing, health, and hold a testimony meeting.  Our fabulous office staff will help with all of that.  It’s a team effort and oh so fun!  These volunteer office missionaries are incredible.  You’ll learn more about them soon.  They are hard at work every day, taking care of all of us.  They are the heart and soul behind the scenes.  We love them so much.

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