Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Zone Conference with Elder Packer

Hey Mom!
Time definitely does fly when you are having fun! August is already almost over! I think the earths rotation has increase dramatically because the days just go so much quicker. It's seems like a blur sometimes!

This week has been loaded with a lot of great things. Elder Packer of the seventy visited us and it was an inspirational experience. He arrived in Pasco Washington on Sunday and was over there talking at a stake conference and then headed up to Yakima to prepare for the zone conferences Monday and Tuesday. Sunday night we collect what we call key indicators and we were up fairly late collecting those. The following morning we woke up at about 4:30 to get ready and leave for the Quincy building. We arrived safely and got everything set up and ready for Elder Packer and again everything played out very smoothly. We were able to hear some inspiring words from President Lewis in regards to having and applying faith in our missionary work. Following President Lewis, Sister Lewis addressed us. I've got to say Sister Lewis is the best presidents wife ever! Her trainings are doctrinally sound! She teaches with power and conviction! The missionaries love it and especially today as she trained us on teaching skills. I was able to learn a lot about how as truly listen with love and allow our investigators to express themselves the words will come to us and to trust your voice! Sometimes we are so worried about saying the right thing and making sure it is just perfect. The Lord asks us to speak OUR voice, not someone elses. That also goes back to being who we are and not someone else because there is only one you. So do you!

The Packers both talked very powerfully on the importance of family and family history work. As they shared some personal stories as examples the spirit filled the room. The then proceeded to teach us about the spirit of Elijah and how it is felt very powerful among all that have families. Gearing that towards missionary work was awesome. They asked us to ask our investigators about their families allowing them to feel the spirit of Elijah testify of the divinity of the family. As the packers pinpointed that spirit that we were able to feel it was incredible. It brought a whole new light upon not only family history work but the power of family evident in everyone's lives. Pinpointing that same spirit in lessons or meetings with investigators will bring forth blessings into their lives. Allowing them to recognize the spirit more and more in the future. 

This week we are seeing Ray Carranza enter the waters of baptism! Tomorrow is his interview and final lesson before he will be ready to be baptized and we pumped! He has been, what we call, a golden investigator. Came to church with a white shirt and tie for the first 3 times and is our miracle of August. I will send pictures and more info about people next week! Love you and take care! 
E. Archibald

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