Tuesday, August 11, 2015

New goals and promised blessings--Ray and Anna

Hey Family!
This week has been great! Pretty busy like usual but so much fun. Real quick before i get into the letter, Thank you so much for the package and packet. I LOVE IT!! Beside the point of making me a little trunky but that was only temporary i swear! Thank you Samantha for the package and amazing kids that you have. Thomas and Sophie, I love you and keep being awesome.

To start the week off we were getting prepared for trainer trainee meeting with all the new missionaries and their trainers. Along with that meeting we also were able to have what we call a Doctrine of Christ training. Mainly the 5 basic principles of Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the end and how they relate to our missionary purpose and life. It was awesome to be able to spend some time with them. There is a power about new missionaries. The meetings ended up going great but there was a minor set back. Because of the lack of shut eye the previous night i was a little forgetful. As we arrived at the Quincy church building i realized i had left my suit coat back home an hour and a half away. So we were in trouble. Luckily Elder Budica, a great elder serving in the area was of adequate size. So we called in reinforcements and it worked. So an hour later I'm conducting this meeting in a suit that is maybe a size or two too small. haha it was pretty embarrassing but luckily i was able to pull it off. It really just motivated me to start working out more so it worked out. haha 

IMG_0553For the remainder of the week we spent time preparing and planning for MLC. This MLC (Mission Leadership Council) was a little different than usual. Because we are so new and our new Presidnet, President Lewis, is new and inspired we set new standards and decided what this mission wanted to become. Listing strengths and weaknesses, desires and actions, etc. It was a great opportunity to allow all of the mission leadership to have a part in building this mission from the ground up. Afterward we were able to hear from a few of them and we heard nothing but great things. The incredible thing that really came from this past MLC was the new goals for the mission. We set goals that would stretch each companionship to baptize at least 1 person per month. We all accepted and sustained this goal with a promise that if we are committed, miracles will come. The next morning something crazy happened. Elder Smith and I knew that we had no one on date for this month and so we were a little worried but determined. So we get a text that this guy named Ray was meeting with the YSA elders at this time and to show up for a hand off lesson. We show up and as the lesson starts he asks us what time his baptism will be on the 29th. He wants to invite a friend and he needs to let him know when to be there. Elder Smith and I are just smiling ear to ear and dumbfounded. Ray fell into our laps and just wants to be baptized. The lesson ended up going great and then later that week he attended church with a white shirt and a tie. The Lord definitely provides if we are sincere and are determined to act.  
(From the Washington Yakima Mission blog) Today was an Historic Day in the Yakima Mission.  We held our first Mission Leadership Council (MLC).   We’ve been looking forward to and preparing for this meeting since our arrival.  Our missionary leaders from all over the mission traveled here this morning (some coming from more than 2 hours away).  We met from 10:00 until 5:30 this evening, discussing our Yakima Mission Vision and Identity, hearing reports from each area, and setting goals for the coming month.  We talked about our Standards of Excellence, Mission Policies and Practices, and then President Lewis, the Assistants and I taught.
Our Yakima Mission is divided into 9 Zones, or areas.  Each Zone has a Zone Leader companionship who leads the missionaries in their area.  We also have 3 Sister Training Leader companionships (STLs).  These Sisters work with all of the Sister missionaries in their areas, training, helping, teaching and cheering them on.  These missionaries are the leadership of our Yakima Mission.  It was thrilling to be with them, to hear their voices, their excitement about the work, and their vision for our new mission.
The spirit of camaraderie and love in the room was amazing.  These are good, kind, obedient and  consecrated missionaries.  They are here for the right reasons and they love the Gospel of Jesus Christ and are happy and grateful to share what they know.  Several times today I felt moved to tears as I listened to them share their feelings and commitment to serve and bless others.  It really was a remarkable day.

Anna Dankin was another woman that has great faith. We met her for the first time and it was great. Incredibly enough she also just wants to be baptized. Right when we got there she told all  to HOLD UP! My missionaries are here! For the next 30 mins we listened to her tell us her story and why she wanted to be baptized. She said, " I've been reading the Book of Mormon for 4 to 5 years, I know it's true and that by living the commandments god has placed before us I can truly be happy and thats what i desire". We weren't sure if she knew how true her words were and as we testified of those same truths you could feel the spirit so strongly. It is always amazing to see someone desire to change and finding that through Christ it is made easier. To top off the week both, Ray and Anna made it to church!

The week has been great and we are excited for another. The weeks just fly by! Uh oh....
E. Archibald

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