Saturday, August 1, 2015

Transfer weeks are CRAZY

Hey Mom!
Sorry this week is transfer week and it has been completely crazy! Its so exciting though! We have been running and running. Just to give a you a little idea of how everything goes on transfer week it starts monday evening. We have all the departing missionaries arrive at the mission home around 4 and from 4 on until that night they are interviewed by President Lewis and play games like badmitten and boccee ball. It was alot of fun! Alot of the missionaries going home were good friends of mine even though we only knew one another for about a transfer. Also, my trainer Elder Doyle went home and was here in this mission. It was awesome to see him off when he got to see me come in to the mission. As the night wrapped up we drove a missionary to the Tri-Cities down close to pasco around 10. It was alot of fun! The following morning the departing missionaries packed up their luggage into the trailer and we were off back to the tri-cities to help them fly out. It's always an interesting experience taking missionaries to the airport especially when time is just ticking down! Luckily while we were there dropping off the missionaries we were able to see some old time friends Elder Stringham and Elder Burton. They were there as well dropping off their departing missionaries. It was great to see the both of them and see what has happened in the Kennewick Mission.

Following the airport we made our way back to Yakima and met all the new missionaries that had flown in earlier that morning into the Yakima Airport. This transfer was a little extra hectic because of the transition into the new airport. Everything has been going smoothly so far so that's great! So for the next couple days we have had trainer trainee meeting, a transfer meeting, new missionary orientation, and transfers. It's been so much fun!

A fun little fact about our driving for the month. We have driven 160 hours total for the month. haha it's pretty crazy. This upcoming week has alot to offer as we prepare. We are excited to be working with a lot of the new missionaries. It's refreshing to feel of their spirits and desire to do missionary work. Fresh feet is always a plus to have around!

Letter is short.. Sorry! I will write more on P-day. 
Love ,
E. Archibald

This picture was taken on pioneer day. The yakima 3rd ward put on a BBQ and we were able to attend and listen to a little enactment of an old trapper Jim Bridger. It was alot of fun. These two girls sitting infront of us were so bright and such fun kids.

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